A tiny island on the shores of Bay of Bengal, known as Konaseema, is having a rich culture, spiritual and educational heritage, apart from being endowed with natural resources such as organised irrigation, horticultural, soil, mineral (Oil and natural gas). In this Konaseema the village of "Kshana mukteswaram" on the banks of the river Godavari (Gowtami) found a place in itihaasaas and the two deities Kshana Mukteeswara Swamy and Ganesh Temples attract pilgrims from all over the country even today. After privatizing the educations, having seen that the educational institutions have come up like Mushrooms in the urban areas, the Lineal descendants of Sri Y.Venkata Swamy and Sri B.Rama Murthy felt that they must do something to the area where they were born and this soceity was started in the year 1997 with an objective to start Educational institutions for easy access to technical and skilled courses to the needy people of the area for making out a living on their own without running after Government jobs and to develop the area educationally also, on the principle of "pay-back to the society."